We do currently offer wholesale orders.


Wholesale rates:

Standard market rate. Please reach out for more information. 


Currently we are looking to stock at stores with an artisan & boutique point of view. 

Our products have been most successful at smaller galleries, western fashion boutiques and artisan stores to complement another designers’ assortment (such as handmade hats & boots.)



We request that orders are between 4-12 individual pieces. Pieces can be different designs or items (such as hair bows, clip bows, scarves etc)

Orders can take between 1-3 weeks to dispatch depending on current order volumes.

We can at times accommodate larger orders although lead times may be longer.



We offer most collections for wholesale and can send out a more precise line-sheet via email.

Some items are exempt, if they feature larger amounts of hand beading or created from limited resources (such as vintage trims, components or fabrics)


Customizations & Bespoke

We can offer customizations of designs to fit your store aesthetic.

This could be a more specific color range or an animal or logo which fits more with your branding. 

Customization is complimentary, although may increase lead times.

Bespoke orders are also possible, if you would like to create a range exclusive to your store or event. 

These designs will be exclusive to you & your store for reordering. 

(Guajardo Studio retains all design rights for custom & bespoke orders.)



Due to our small order quantities, we cannot offer exclusively to one retailer. 

We try our best to not stock to multiple stores in one area.

If a store would like to stock in the same city as another wholesale account, we may offer a variation of the designs offered.

Festivals & pop-up events: 

With our wholesale accounts being in relatively similar fields (artisan western fashion & design, vintage & handmade)

We cannot prevent products being offered by multiple wholesalers at specialty events & festivals.

In the case where multiple orders are placed for a specific event, we will try our best to offer design variations.


Ordering & invoicing:

We will send you an invoice once your order is complete and ready to ship.

Payment is required prior to items shipping.



Please check all items on delivery.

We try our best to provide high quality items. In the event an item is faulty on delivery, we request the item is returned to be repaired.

We cannot accept returns for wholesale items once they have been approved on delivery.